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The greatest natural and tourist attraction of the Savona province consists of its coastline, so different from area to area, so harmonious in the alternation of sandy beaches and cliffs that plunge into the cristal clear sea. The headlands structure still wild, the hidden coves and wide bays host pretty towns. The beaches are white or golden, with pebbles or very fine sand and are the best feature of the scenary.





For over a century Savona has prided itself with a bathing tradition and for many years the coastline of "Le Fornaci" (furnaces), extending for a kilometer west of our B&B, prides itself on the prestigious "Blue Flag Beaches" award granted by the FEE ( Foundation for Enviromental Education).






Currently there are 33 private beach clubs that offer quality service and most of them have been completely renovated. There are family friendly establishments with swimming pools, baby clubs, playground, fitness, relaxation area, restaurant, evening entartainment, club formula.
But there are also facilities for young people, with special attention to sport activities, or they can offer more basic services at competitive prices. The objective is to ensure that everybody can choose according to their needs including a considerable patrimony of free beaches, some of which are serviced and have life guards on duty, as is the case at the "Fornaci" or beside the Priamar, which is a peculiarity of Savona.






The 1544 square kilometers province of Savona offers a different climate that varies according to the areas, but is always of the marine mediterrenian type. The average annual temperature is 15,6 degrees.














"Parts of the text were taken from the web site, courtesy of the City of Savona"