Our city through the photographs of Giorgio Paparella




 Photographer of Savona
AFI –FIAF Provincial manager

Pres.of Fotoclub Saonensis

Special Adviser


Giorgio Paparella was born in Dego in 1943. His first photographs were taken in the seventies, when he registered with FIAF, the main Italian Association for hobbyists, through which Paparella got awards and formed a personal visual culture. In his travels he began exploring less traditional places and more away from the beaten track. In his photographs he doesn't look for stage effects and he doesn't focus on aesthetics, but he rather relies on the camera to find the strength and the ability to "evoke what's human". His eye sometimes betrays the desire for commitment, yet always with empathy when writing the syntax of the language of the human condition. Sometimes it could happen that some of his works take candidly, almost unconsciously, a triple dimension: photograph, document and work. Paparella's photography simply stands before us, it lets us watch it, interpret it, understand it, showing us glimpses of humanity, and then...it teaches something.


Free adaptation from : www.albengaphotography.com with the consent of the subject.


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  • dGiorgio Paparella-Vista dall'alto..
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  • Giorgio Paparella-Savona particolare della piazza del Matitino
  • Giorgio Paparella-Vado Ligure-il presente del passato
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  • lGiorgio Paparella-Capo Noli-strada sul mare
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