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Panizza slices in a roll



Panizza slices




Savona’s cuisine



An area so rich in ecosystems has a food tradition of great variety, made from the combination of ingridients from the sea, the mountains and the earth. From small rectangles of earth torn with effort and hard work from the steep hills, come the best olives and the finest wines of Quiliano and Finale Ligure.





­ Anchovies: fried, stuffed or in a green sauce are perfect for their delicate taste.


­ Ciciarelli of Noli fish, slow food, called by fishermen "lusso" or "lussotto", fried or soused, is a delicacy.


­ Focaccia is the most famous slow food speciality created with a clever blend of ingredients: flour, oil, water and salt. Perfect at every hour of the day.


­ Panizza, cut in slices and fugasette: made with chickpea flour, boiled without adding oil and salt, can be eaten uncooked, seasoned with olive oil and lemon, or sliced and deep fried, served between two focaccette, a type of white arab bread.


­ Farinata is a typical ligurian speciality, it is a popular dish prepared by mixing chickpea flour, water, salt, olive oil and then cooked in a wood burning oven. Only in Savona you can find the variant made with wheat flour.


­ Savona's chinotto ­ a bitter fruit imported from China in the sixteenth century, tastes great when candied or frosted and infused in maraschino liquor. Also declared slow food in 2004.



Other typical dishes:

"Ravioli" stuffed with vegetables and meat


"Buridda" of stockfish


"Cima" ­ the version from Savona consists of eggs, peas, lettuce, abundant marjoram, parmesan and...

Freshly caught whitebait fritters, delicious also raw or boiled seasoned with oil and lemon.


Troffie with pesto : fresh elongated and curled pasta shapes to which the sauce made of basil, garlic, pine nuts and salt sticks perfectly.


Pansotti with walnut sauce, a fresh pasta filled with vegetables (seven, in the more rigorous recipe) topped with a blend of walnuts, garlic, bread, milk and oil.




­ ​Buzzetto, white wine, ​produced with not perfectly ripe grapes, in dialect buzze / unripe, with its sour flavour, is one of the most famous wines produced in the province.


­ ​Granaccia​, red wine of great value, reaches the colour of the ruby after 3­4 years of aging.


­ ​Lumassina,​white wine with a delicate and light flavour.


­ ​Pigato, white, ​fine wine with an intense, persistent aroma with a dry/fresh taste.


­ ​Vermentino Ligure​, fresh white acidic wine characterised by its mineral aroma.